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Retirement Toolkit


You’ll find everything you need to apply for PERA retirement benefits here on this page.


What You Need

1) An up-to-date retirement estimate, available from MY PERA.

2) Application for Retirement

Complete this interactive form to apply for retirement benefits from PERA. PERA will not accept your retirement application more than six months prior to start of benefits.

Note: Functionality of this form will vary depending on the pdf viewer used. We suggest Adobe Reader.

3) Termination Verification

You must submit this form with your Retirement Application. Your employer must complete this form.

4)  Proof of your date of birth and any name change. 

If you choose a survivor option, we will need this same information for that individual.

5) Retirement Checklist

A checklist for members to make sure they have everything they need before retirement.

6) Benefit Options Worksheet

Which PERA pension is right for you? This worksheet may make the decision a little easier.

Your Estimates

One of the advantages of MY PERA is you can create as many custom estimates as you wish.  These estimates will be as accurate as those PERA prepares in-house, but you are creating them instantly rather than waiting for them to arrive in the mail.

To help you understand your retirement options and how to make the most of MY PERA’s estimates, we have prepared a couple of videos available on the right side of this page.

Your Retirement Application

Our retirement application is now interactive.  After opening the web page, save the form to your computer.  Now you will have a copy of the form available for review and updating.  If you do not save the form to your computer, all data entered will be lost when you close the web page. Note: Functionality of this form will vary depending on the pdf viewer used. We suggest Adobe Reader.

Once you complete the form, print a copy.  It now must be signed by you (and your spouse, if married) before a notary public.

The Verification of Termination Form

This form is to be completed by your employer.  It is our way of verifying you will be ending your public service, and when.  This helps us determine your benefit amount.

Proof of Age and Name

We also need this information to properly calculate your benefit, and to verify you are who you say you are. These are normally a birth certificate and certificate of marriage.  A passport with your current name will satisfy these requirements. If you are selecting a survivor option, we will also need this information for your survivor.  The last page of the retirement application includes information on additional documents that are acceptable.

Please make photo copies of these documents and include them with your application and termination verification.  We do reserve the right to see original documents if there is any question on the information provided.

While we prefer all documents be submitted simultaneously, they can be presented to PERA separately.

Working after retirement

If you are considering returning to public employment in any capacity after retirement, consult with a PERA representative.

Should you return to PERA-covered employment after retirement, you will continue to collect your retirement benefit and pay no contributions to PERA. However, if you are under full retirement age for Social Security and your earnings exceed the annual limits set by that agency, your total annual pension will be reduced or suspended and the withheld amount set aside in an escrow account.  These earnings limits are subject to change each year. You can contact Social Security at 1-800-772-1213.  Additional information is available in the Working After Retirement Brochure

Earnings limits only apply to PERA- covered employment.  There is no limit on earnings from self-employment, private employment, elective service, investments, pensions, or other sources of income.

Need additional help?

Have a question and you just can’t find the answer here?  Contact Us

While everything you need to apply for retirement is here on this page, you may still feel the need to meet with a PERA benefit counselor.  This can be done at any of the group counseling sessions held at our St. Paul office and across the state. You can register for one of these meetings by logging on to MY PERA or by calling our office at the numbers above.

In some cases, you may need to meet individually with one of our representatives.  If so, we ask that you schedule your meeting at least two weeks in advance so we can have the necessary materials prepared when you arrive at any of our offices.