Duluth office is currently closed as we move to our new location.  Open on Thursday, January 24

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PERA Board of Trustees Election 2019

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Benefit Recipients receiving a monthly benefit: 1099-Rs are available on MY PERA

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Benefit Recipients: Important information for 2019

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PERA Educational Program Dates set for Winter 2019

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There are more than 110,000 PERA members who are receiving benefits from PERA (retirees, disabled, survivors of deceased members).

“I’ve been a PERA member for 40 years. I didn’t first realize the importance of PERA in the beginning of my career, but now I do.”

About 65% of PERA’s revenue in the past 20 years is attributed to investment earnings.

96% of the revenue PERA receives goes directly to member benefits, 3% is refunded to members, and less than 1% used for administrative costs

PERA is the largest public pension plan in Minnesota serving more than 480,000 members.

Learn about your pension.

As a public employee, you are already contributing to your financial future. Watch this video to learn more about your pension.