Duluth office is currently closed as we move to our new location.  Open on Thursday, January 24

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PERA Board of Trustees Election 2019

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Benefit Recipients receiving a monthly benefit: 1099-Rs are available on MY PERA

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Benefit Recipients: Important information for 2019

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PERA Educational Program Dates set for Winter 2019

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There are more than 110,000 PERA members who are receiving benefits from PERA (retirees, disabled, survivors of deceased members).

“I’ve been a PERA member for 40 years. I didn’t first realize the importance of PERA in the beginning of my career, but now I do.”

About 65% of PERA’s revenue in the past 20 years is attributed to investment earnings.

96% of the revenue PERA receives goes directly to member benefits, 3% is refunded to members, and less than 1% used for administrative costs

PERA is the largest public pension plan in Minnesota serving more than 480,000 members.

Learn about your pension.

As a public employee, you are already contributing to your financial future. Watch this video to learn more about your pension.

PERA will be closed Monday, Jan. 21 in observance of Martin Luther King day.