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In order to process your application, PERA will need proof of your age and any/all name changes. We will need the same types of documents for anyone you name as your survivor. While we will accept photo copies of these documents, we reserve the right to see the originals or certified copies.

PROOFS OF AGE—A document on the following list must be submitted. Try to obtain a record established early in life. We prefer a document as high on the list as possible.

1. Birth certificate

2. Passport (current or expired)

3. Church record showing your birth date or age

4. Hospital birth record

5. Military record

6. Marriage certificate showing your age

7. Birth certificate of your child which shows age of parent

8. Naturalization record (citizenship paper)

9. Immigration record established upon arrival in the United States


PROOFS OF IDENTITY—One of the documents listed below must be submitted if you have changed your name.

1. Certificate of marriage

2. Passport

3. Affidavit issued by a court

4. Church record of marriage, certified by custodian of such record

5. Child’s birth certificate showing your maiden name


If you furnish a document that is in a foreign language, someone who is familiar with the language (other than yourself) must prepare an affidavit of translation and sign it before a notary public. The affidavit must be sent to the PERA office with the appropriate document. Documents submitted are subject to acceptance by the Board of Trustees of the Public Employees Retirement Association.