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Member MY PERA and Employer ERIS web sites are currently unavailable for access. We hope the sites will be restored to full service by mid-day Thursday. Please check back for status updates.

Welcome PERA Retirees


Congratulations on your retirement.  After your time in public service, now is the time for you to enjoy your retirement. Even though you are retired, it’s still important to stay connected to PERA.

We provide information to you about important considerations in your retirement—everything from working after retirement to how your benefits are taxed. You have a direct connection with PERA through MY PERA.


Helpful Resources:

Three Pensions Map Working After Retirement Increases in Your PERA Pension Tax Withholding 

MY PERA is your personal link to PERA 24/7   

Here you can:

• Review and update your personal information
• Sign up for PERA’s e-publications
• Adjust tax withholding and direct deposit once you begin receiving your benefit, as well as print out tax form 1099R and proof of income reports.


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