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PERA: Just the Basics.

Welcome brochures for PERA’s new members.


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Retirement Planning

Countdown to Retirement

What you need to do at every step of your career to prepare for retirement.

Applying for a Refund

As a member of PERA, you have options when you leave public employment.

Combined Service Annuity

A guide to understanding combined service and its impact on your benefits.

Phased Retirement

A guide to understanding the Phased Retirement Option (PRO).

Retirement Checklist

A checklist for members before they decide to retire.

Benefit Options Worksheet

Which PERA pension is right for you? This worksheet may make the decision a little easier.


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Increases in Your PERA Pension

These will explain the annual increases in your PERA pension.

COLA General Fact Sheet

COLA Police & Fire Fact Sheet

COLA Correctional Fact Sheet

Working After Retirement

How earnings may impact your PERA pension.


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Volunteer Firefighter

Investment Information

Gives data on the investment of assets of local firefighter entities that participate in the Statewide Volunteer Firefighter Plan.

SVF Benefit Calculations

Provides information on how benefits are calculated and show various scenarios to help plan participants understand benefit calculations.

2017 MSBI Statewide Volunteer Firefighter Retirement Plan Prospectus

The Minnesota Supplemental Investment Fund (SIF) is a multi-purpose investment program that offers a range of investment options to state and other public employee groups. Participants, who are not in the Volunteer Firefighter Account, may allocate their investments among one or more funds that are appropriate for their needs and are within the rules and eligibility established by the participating plans. When a local fire relief joins the Statewide Volunteer Firefighter Retirement Plan (SVFRP), the assets are transferred into the Volunteer Firefighter Account which is a balanced fund composed of several SIF options.

SVFRP Retirement Plan Description

Provides information to volunteer firefighters, relief associations, and municipalities about the Plan. It includes information about how the Plan is funded, how benefits are determined, and how an entity elects to join the Plan.

SVFRP Enrollment Process

Presents necessary information for a relief association and municipality or independent nonprofit firefighting corporation to request an estimate of annual costs expected to be incurred as a result of joining the Plan, act on that information, elect enrollment in the Plan, and move assets and liabilities into the Plan.

Sample Resolution to Join Plan

Presents the proper format of a resolution and the required information for an entity to authorize its fire department to participate in the statewide plan.

Sample Resolution to Increase Benefit Level

Presents the proper format of a resolution and the required information for an entity opting to increase the benefit level for firefighters who are vested in the statewide plan.

Fire State Aid

Fire State Aid information from the Department of Revenue


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General Information, Education, and more

2018 Legislative Changes

This document provides a summary of legislative changes that may impact your PERA benefit. Your personal benefit information in MY PERA reflects these changes.

Member newsletter, PERA NEWS

Read all about it. This is the newsletter for PERA members.


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Preparing for Retirement

Ballpark E$timate®

Ballpark E$timate Interactive

Ballpark E$timate Worksheet

Planning financially for retirement is not a one-size-fits-all exercise. The Employee Benefit Research Institute (EBRI) has created a short exercise to help individuals determine if they are in the rough “ballpark” in saving sufficiently for their future retirement.

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Survivor Options Fact Sheet

How the survivor options work using the IRS formula.