Website Redesign: You are our Top Priority

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Website Redesign: You are our Top Priority

Our mission remains the same: to provide services our members value.

Our goal is to provide you a website that is easy to navigate, using the best practices in website design. And, thanks to you, our new website achieves that and more.

This new site has a modern look and consistent themes that describe who we are and how we help more than 400,000 members and beneficiaries. This new design is responsive, so it’s compatible with any device (desktops, laptops, tablets, and all mobile devices) and is compliant with accessibility best practices. The content of the website has undergone a rigorous review. It’s been consolidated to offer the latest information to our members and employers.

We listened

Early in the redesign process we conducted extensive member and retiree surveys. It was clear that an overwhelming number of you wanted the website organized by why you were visiting. You’ll notice that on our home page, we ask “How Can We Help You?” and offer the most common reasons why you visit our website.

The structure provides easy access to information for members, employers, retirees, and other stakeholders. Some of the key navigation features include:

  • A homepage that puts the emphasis on members and provides easy access to the resources most commonly used. The navigation is based on why you visit our website.
  • Separate landing pages for members, retirees, and employers. These landing pages allow us to provide information, news, and events that are important to all our stakeholders.
  • A menu on each page that expands to show the site structure, making navigation easier.