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About PERA


PERA serves over 475,000 current and former public employees from over 2,000 local units of government throughout the state of Minnesota. PERA also provides monthly benefits to over 100,000 retirees and other benefit recipients.


Established in 1931, PERA administers three statewide retirement plans providing defined benefit plan (DBP) to participating public employees in the state of Minnesota. The Association also manages a statewide retirement plan providing defined contribution (DCP) coverage to elected officials, city managers, ambulance service, physicians, and medical personnel. Finally, PERA oversees a lump-sum defined benefit plan for volunteer firefighters in the state. All these programs are qualified retirement plans under Section 401(a) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Over 500,000 Minnesotans know that they’re going to have a pension today, they’re going to have a pension tomorrow, they’re going to have a pension next year. They know what they’re going to receive, we’ve made it solvent. Private pensions have been overwhelmed, and that won’t happen here. Everyone who has earned their pensions can retire.
– Governor Mark Dayton

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