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Fact Sheets

PERA is committed to keeping employers informed of reporting requirements, and information regarding membership and contributions. As a service to all employers, we have made these Fact Sheets available on our website for your convenience.

We encourage you to reference the Fact Sheets when looking for additional information on PERA-related topics.

PERA Basics

PERA Defined Benefit Plans

Covers general information about the types of Defined Benefit Plans offered by PERA.


PERA Reports

Occasionally, when an enrollment comes in to PERA, complete data isn’t submitted. When this occurs, we send reports to gather the missing information. This fact sheet lets you know what reports we send and how to avoid getting them.


Phased Retirement Option Program

The Phased Retirement Option Program allows members to enter into an agreement with their employer to greatly reduce working hours and begin collecting their PERA pension while remaining employed.


PERA Defined Contribution Plan

Provides basic information on the Defined Contribution Plan and who is eligible to participate in it.

Disability Application Process

PERA offers disability coverage to all members. If you have someone who needs to apply for disability benefits, this fact sheet discusses the requirements of the member, the employer and PERA.


Membership Options for Elected Officials

Elected Officials have different plan options than hired staff. Use this document to learn what options are available.



Use this fact sheet to learn what information we need regarding your eligible employees.

Determining Eligibility

One of the basic tasks of PERA representatives is to enroll employees who meet our eligibility requirements. This fact sheet will help with that role.


PERA Appeal Process

If PERA makes a decision regarding a person’s eligibility, benefits, or salary for contribution purposes, the member and employer have a right to appeal that decision. Use the information in this fact sheet to learn the appeal process.



Pay Types

PERA has established several pay types for employers to use to define the earnings employees receive. Use this document to make sure you’re using the correct codes.


Omitted Deductions

When an employer does not withhold the appropriate PERA deductions, omitted deductions may result. Learn what must be done when this occurs by reading this fact sheet.

Workers’ Compensation

Worker’s Compensation payments are not eligible for PERA contributions. This fact sheet explains the PERA requirements under various situations.



At various times, employers submit an SDR and subsequently discover that the amounts of salary or deductions reported to PERA were incorrect. The information in this fact sheet explains how this can be corrected.

Health Care Savings Plan

Use this fact sheet to learn whether contributions to an employee’s HCSP are salary for PERA purposes.


Reporting Wages of Rehired PERA Annuitants

When an employer hires an individual who may be a PERA annuitant, certain steps must be followed. This fact sheet provides the information to ensure you are following the proper protocol.

Settlement Agreements and Salary

Wage and employment disputes create unique situations for employers. Use the information in this fact sheet to learn the process when working a settlement agreement.


Back Pay Awards in Wrongful Discharge Cases

When compensation is awarded in wrongful discharge cases, certain criteria must be followed. Learn the steps you must take in this informative document.

Social Security

Extending Social Security to Elected Officials

Local governments can offer Social Security participation to elected officials who hold positions covered by PERA DCP. This fact sheet explains the specific steps that must be followed to allow this.



When Members Terminate Employment

Employers play a significant role when members terminate public service and PERA membership. This fact sheet defines termination and explains the employer responsibilities.


Separation Requirements – Elected Officials

The laws regarding separation of service as it relates to an elected position differ from a hired position. This fact sheet explains these requirements.

Separation Requirements – Non-elected Positions

For a person to start collecting a pension from PERA, he or she must have a complete separation from public service. Use the information in this fact sheet to ensure you and your employees are fulfilling the requirements.