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When Employees Terminate Service


A key responsibility you have is to inform PERA when your participating employees or elected officials terminate service. Timely reporting of termination dates will help PERA to pay refunds and monthly benefits to the individuals without an unnecessary delay. It also ensures that the individuals receive up-to-date account statements. Refer to Chapter 6 of the Employer Manual for information on reporting termination dates and other employment status changes.

Termination of public service is the end of the work relationship between the employer and the individual. It requires the person to have a complete, continuous separation from public employment for 30 days. The individual cannot have a written or verbal agreement prior to leaving service to provide services to any governmental employer in Minnesota. And within 30 days after the employment relationship ends, the person may not provide services to their former public employer as an independent contractors or an employee of an independent contractor.

The following fact sheets are designed to help you learn more about the requirements for termination of service.

When Members Terminate Employment Separation Requirements – Non-elected Positions Separation Requirements – Elected Officials

Phased Retirement Option

PERA’s Phased Retirement Option (PRO) program gives employers the option to allow some employees to transition into retirement rather than fully end the employment. Under the PRO, certain members of the General Plan can receive their PERA pension without formally resigning and while working part-time in a non-elected position.