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Eligibility for Membership

With some exceptions, a governmental subdivision must provide Defined Benefit Plan (DBP) membership to every full or part-time employee who is projected to have annual earnings in excess of $5,100 if the employment is year-round (12 months) or $3,800 if the employment is for the school year (Sept.-May/June). In those situations in which you exclude an employee from DBP membership due to insufficient earnings, you must complete the Notice of Non-Covered Employment or Provisional Coverage form and give it to the employee. This form would also be used when an employee’s annual salary cannot be reasonably projected and you decide to enroll the individual under the DBP on a provisional basis.
Elected officials can voluntarily join the Defined Contribution Plan (DCP). Additionally, the law extends DCP membership to certain other positions including but not limited to city managers, volunteer ambulance personnel, and physicians. It is your responsibility to inform these individuals of their PERA membership options and to obtain their written authorization for DCP withholding. Review Chapter 4 of the Employer Manual for information about the DCP.
You must enroll every eligible employee and elected official into the DBP or the DCP. In most situations, you will do the enrollment by entering the individual’s personal and employment data online or by uploading a file to provide data for multiple employees.

Inform PERA about your Excluded Positions

As detailed in Chapter 3 of the Employer Manual, certain classes of positions cannot be given membership under the DBP regardless of their annual earnings. For example, temporary/seasonal employees are excluded if that is their sole position with an employer and the employment is for a predetermined period of 6 months/185 consecutive days or less.
Every governmental subdivision that excludes one or more employees from coverage under the DBP is required by Minnesota law to submit the Annual Exclusion Report to PERA. Schools submit the report in August for the prior school fiscal year and all other employers submit it in February for the previous calendar year. Employers with internet access must remit their exclusion report data using ERIS.

There are more than 110,000 PERA members who are receiving benefits from PERA (retirees, disabled, survivors of deceased members).

“I’ve been a PERA member for 40 years. I didn’t first realize the importance of PERA in the beginning of my career, but now I do.”

Minnesota PERA serves over 480,000 members.

There are more than 110,000 PERA members who are receiving benefits from PERA (retirees, disabled, survivors of deceased members).