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4th Quarter 2018 PERAphrase


1st Quarter 2018 PERAphrase
  • Pension commission approves bill— includes proposed increased contributions for Police & Fire Plan
  • Employer workshops around the state
  • Webinar? Stay tuned!
  • The ERIS Corner
  • Attention schools — Summer earnings verification coming for certain employees
  • Ask PERA: Several of our employees are excluded because they are full-time students under the age of 23. How should we document their student status?


2nd Quarter 2018 PERAphrase
  • Governor Mark Dayton signs 2018 Omnibus Pension Bill into law
  • We’re here to help!
  • Our redesigned website
  • Annual Salary Threshold report revised
  • Webinar: Changes to Annual Threshold reporting
  • Ask PERA!
3rd Quarter 2018 PERAphrase
  • Six password tips to protect private member data
  • The ERIS Corner: Security Tip
  • Police & Fire rates effective for salary paid on or after 01/01/19
  • New DCP withdrawal option for active DCP employees
  • Webinar: Salary Spotlight — Register today!
  • Ask PERA: We’ve hired a new person whose job duties include administering PERA for our agency employees. What resources are available to help this person understand PERA rules and reporting?


1st Quarter 2017 PERAphrase
  • New look and format — Same commitment to serve
  • PERA releases Annual Report
  • ERIS Corner
  • We want YOU …to complete your Exclusion Report
  • Enrollment of elected official not complete without their signature
  • Meet Mike— PERA’s new Chief Financial Officer
  • Governor Dayton appoints Two to PERA Board of Trustees
  • 2017 Session PERA Bill Tracker
  • Register now! Employer education opportunities through Live Webinars
  • Tax exemptions for certain retired PERA members— we need your help!
  • PERA update: Annual Threshold report for fiscal year 2016 delayed
  • Ask PERA!
2nd Quarter 2017 PERAphrase
  • Governor vetoes bill containing pension reforms
  • Fiscal Year 2017 Exclusion Reports are due by August 31
  • Exclusion Code Reminder
  • Webinars at PERA
  • The ERIS Corner: Test files
  • Board appoints Police & Fire plan trustee
  • Ask PERA: I’ve hired a college student for a permanent position starting June 15. Can I exclude him from PERA right away, or should I wait till he returns to school in the fall?
3rd Quarter 2017 PERAphrase
  • Employer webinars continue to be a hit
  • Credit memos and requests for a refund by check
  • New employee video: The Value of Your Pension
  • Phone tree options have been updated
  • The ERIS Corner: Enrollment process gets a software update on ERIS
  • Board appoints Police & Fire plan trustee
  • Ask PERA: Our school district employs paraprofessionals who work only 174 student days per school year. Could they be excluded as seasonal employees??
4th Quarter 2017 PERAphrase
  • Plan eligibility can be affected if member no longer in an eligible position
  • Don’t worry—it’s legit!
  • No changes to 2018 contribution rates
  • Exclusion webinar video now available for viewing
  • The ERIS Corner: ERIS administrators: New year resolution suggestion
  • 2018 IRS contribution and compensation limit
  • Ask PERA: Our agency is issuing back pay to current and former employees following a recent union contract agreement. Should we withhold PERA from the payment? What if the former employee has taken a refund or is already receiving a PERA benefit?


1st Quarter 2016 PERAphrase
  • Board to Continue its Evaluation of the General PlanFunding Status
  • Coming Soon to ERISPending Reports: Higher thanNormal Salary Report
  • Ask PERA!
  • ERIS Security is a SharedResponsibility
  • Share Your Story to Celebrate PERA’s 85th Anniversary
2nd Quarter 2016 PERAphrase
  • Getting ready for elections? We can help.
  • Governor vetoes 2016 pension bill
  • No contribution rate changes in 2017
  • Quotes from our first newsletter
  • Share Your Story to Celebrate PERA’s 85th Anniversary


3rd Quarter 2016 PERAphrase
  • PERA Finance Director Retires
  • Coaching on Coaches’ Pay
  • GASB Gazette to Produce Final Edition!
  • Meet Luis Argueta
  • Webinar Topics Survey
  • Ask PERA!
4th Quarter 2016 PERAphrase
  • PERA Board of Trustees Sets Legislative Priorities
  • The ERIS Higher than Normal Salary Report is Improving!
  • Upcoming Governor appointments to PERA Board
  • ERIS Down? You Can Still Make a Payment!
  • Ask PERA!
  • Employer Webinar Survey Recap — The Results are IN!


1st Quarter 2015 PERAphrase
  • PERA Board of Trustees Votes to Recommend Rate Increase, Statutory Change
  • From the Manager
  • A Few Things To Remember About The New PERA Rules
  • Ask PERA
  • PERA Options For Election Officials
  • 2015 IRS Contribution and Compensation Limits
  • Have You Provided PERA with Requested Information About the Financial Statements You Prepare?
2nd Quarter 2015 PERAphrase
  • Governor Signs 2015 Omnibus Pension Bill
  • Facing Tough Employee Questions?
  • From the Manager
  • Ask PERA
  • Reporting Leaves of Absence
  • Process Improvements Ahead
  • P&F Resolutions Leaving you Cold? Try a Blanket
3rd Quarter 2015 PERAphrase
  • New to ERIS Pending Reports: Missing Enrollments
  • From the Manager
  • Ask PERA
  • Reporting Intermittent Leaves
  • Soley Seasonal or Temporary Positions
  • No Contribution Rate Changes
4th Quarter 2015 PERAphrase
  • Meet PERA’s New Director
  • Annual Threshold Monitoring Available in ERIS
  • Non-School Employers: Deadline for 2015 Exclusion Reports is Feb. 29, 2016
  • Coming Soon to ERIS Pending Reports: Annual P & F Certification Report
  • Inform Elected Officials About PERA Options
  • 2016 IRS Contribution and Compensation Limits Announced
  • Know Your Format to Avoid File Errors
  • Ask PERA!