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Employer Manual

The PERA Employer Manual is designed to be a comprehensive guide for employers to use when working with issues related to PERA.

Through the links below, you can access individual chapters of the manual.


Provides basic information about PERA’s retirement plans, administration, and services.

Designed as a comprehensive guide for the process decision makers are to follow if they are considering the statewide plan for their firefighters.

Discusses membership eligibility for the General Employees Plan, the Police and Fire Plan, and the Correctional Plan; plus covers exclusion reports and contribution rates, both current and historic.

Describes the membership provisions of the DCP, such as contribution rates, required forms, updating member data, investment choices and refund options; as well as guidance on Social Security and Medicare coverage.

Explains how to determine which earnings an employee receives are eligible to use to determine PERA eligibility and from which to withhold PERA contributions.

Outlines the process for enrolling eligible employees, updating a member’s employment status, changing personal data and maintaining contact data for those who perform PERA reporting duties.

Highlights PERA contribution responsibilities, including current rates, remitting payments, salary deduction reports, earnings of working retirees, summer payouts for schools, adjustments, omitted deductions and deductions in error.

This chapter of the manual will help you to learn about the role you play in helping your covered employees to secure PERA benefits upon their termination of public service, permanent disability, or death.

Contains the current file format specifications for processing electronic contribution and member employment information through PERA’s Collect and Manage Information (CAMI) system.

A full glossary of terms and acronyms used by MN PERA, and their definitions.

A log of Employer Manual revisions.

To view the manual chapters you must have Adobe® Acrobat® Reader. Click the link to download Adobe Reader.