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Combined Service Annuity

How combined service works

When you switch Minnesota public pension plans, your contributions and service credit are NOT transferred into the new plan. The contributions and service will remain in the plan where it was earned. We calculate a combined service benefit by using your service with each of the covered plans. Each plan uses its own formula to calculate your retirement benefit. All plans involved will use the same high-five salary to calculate each monthly benefit, and you will receive a benefit payment from each retirement plan.

Minnesota plans covered under CSA provisions:

  • Public Employees Retirement Association (PERA)
  • Minnesota State Retirement System (MSRS)
  • Teachers Retirement Association (TRA)
  • St Paul Teachers Retirement Fund Association (SPTRFA)



Understanding Combined Service  Member Handbooks

Under the Combined Service Annuity (CSA) provisions, various Minnesota public pension plans work together so all of your service is used for benefit eligibility.