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Who We Serve

Serving the Minnesotans Who Serve Minnesota

Local Government Employees

PERA serves more than 2,000 Minnesota cities, counties, townships, public hospitals, and school districts. PERA benefits help public employers to attract and retain talented employees by providing competitive retirement benefits.

Members and Retirees

We help 485,000 current, and former Minnesota public employees save for retirement, disability, and survivor benefits. Our members are social workers, firefighters, snow plow drivers, nurses, jailers, attorneys, paraprofessionals, and police officers. They work in our parks, on our roads, and with our children. They work in urban areas and rural towns from Albert Lea to International Falls. However, no matter what their title, location, or background, they have one thing in common—the services they provide and the work they do make our communities better.

Good for Minnesota

PERA delivers value for all Minnesotans by fueling local economies and providing tax revenue. Nearly 10% of Minnesotans are members of PERA. In 2017, PERA paid roughly $2 billion in benefits to retirees and former members, with 89% going to Minnesota addresses. Benefit payments to PERA recipients are spent in local communities supporting economic activity and jobs, and are considered taxable income at both the federal and state levels.

PERA pensions provide retirement security. They help to keep individuals out of poverty and off of social services. Individuals with a pension are six times less likely to end up in poverty with a pension. PERA pensions provide the kind of retirement security everyone deserves. (Source: NIRS.)

89% of benefit payments are made to Minnesota residents.

*estimate based on June 2017 payments