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The Public Employees Retirement Association is governed by an 11-member Board of Trustees.

The Trustees establish the policies and procedures that govern operations at PERA, hear and rule on appeal matters of disabilitants, retirees, and members, and direct the dissemination of information to PERA’s members. In addition, the Board approves PERA’s operating budget, decides legislative policy and priorities, and hires the executive director.

The PERA Board of Trustees consists of the State Auditor who is a member of the Board by statute. Five trustees are appointed by the Governor to represent cities, counties, school boards, retirees and the public, respectively. The remaining five members are elected by the PERA membership at large to represent the general active membership, Police & Fire Plan members and all benefit recipients. All elected and appointed board members serve four-year terms. The State Attorney General’s office provides legal counsel to the Board.

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Trustees do not receive compensation for their service to PERA, but are reimbursed for necessary expenses incurred while serving the association.

“We have a long history proving that our plans can be sustained and we continuously monitor the direction of the funds to ensure a positive future.” –Kathryn A. Green, PERA Board President

“We believe our efforts over the past year have been consistent with PERA’s mission to administer and promote sustainable retirement plans and provide valuable services”-Kathryn A. Green, PERA Board President