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Room Rental

The Retirement Systems of Minnesota Building has two rooms available for rent. The first room, our Board Room, has a large table that seats approximately 20. Chairs around the perimeter of the room seat another 20 or so guests. The room contains an LCD projector, wireless microphones and speakers, speaker phone, and Internet access. It also has an attached coat room and small kitchenette. 

The second room, our Training Center, has tables and seating for approximately 60 people, though up to 72 chairs can be made available. The room has two large screens, a LCD overhead projector, an audio sound system with microphones, Internet access, white boards, counter tops, and an attached coat room. A phone is also available in this room.  

State agencies may rent either of the rooms for $50. 

Rooms may be booked up to 6 months in advance, though the building owners reserve the right to”bump” an entity if 30 days advance notice is given by the owners. To schedule the rooms, please call Gladys Rodriguez at 651-201-2691 or e-mail her at or Mary Daly at 651-296-7489 or e-mail her at

Parking is available for free in the building’s lot or on the street.

The Retirement Systems of Minnesota Building was completed in the fall of 2001 to house the three statewide retirement systems, Minnesota State Retirement Systems (MSRS), Public Employees Retirement Association (PERA) and Teachers Retirement Association (TRA). The facility contains two rooms that are available for use by outside entities.


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